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Effective Pest Solutions In Glenwood, AR

If you own a home or business in the Glenwood area, it’s very important to protect your property from invasive local pests. There are a variety of pests that will destroy your property or spread dangerous bacteria, putting everyone in your home or business at risk. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone! Advanced Pest Control puts all of our Glenwood area customers first by providing the following benefits:

  • Over 18 years of pest control experience
  • Most effective pest control solutions in the industry
  • Experienced pest technicians
  • Free estimates

Instead of risking everything that matters most to you, get the professional assurances that can give you peace of mind where it matters most. Give us a call today for a free estimate on high-quality pest control for your Glenwood home or business.

Home Pest Control In Glenwood, AR

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If you own a home in a place like Glenwood, it can be very difficult to get rid of the invading pests that are sure to plague your property.

In fact, you might make matters worse by trying to fix these problems on your own. That’s why you can’t put your trust in anything besides the professional assurances provided by an Advanced Pest Control professional.

When pest problems threaten your Glenwood home, the only thing that can protect your home and family is the combination of experienced pest professionals and high-quality solutions.

Give us a call today to get a free estimate on the most effective pest control solutions in the Glenwood area.

Commercial Pest Control In Glenwood, AR

When you own a business in a place like Glenwood, there are a variety of pest problems that will plague your business. Unfortunately, trying to take care of these problems yourself will continue to put your employees and customers at risk, as well as your reputation in the community.

To avoid going viral in all the wrong ways, partner with Advanced Pest Control before your customers notice pest problems in your facility. When you have the power of decades of pest control experience and high-quality solutions on your side, you can put pest problems behind you and focus on creating an amazing customer experience. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on our commercial pest control services.

Mosquito Control Tips Every Glenwood Resident Needs To Know

If you have mosquito problems on your Glenwood property, it can be very difficult to control them on your own. Unfortunately, mosquitoes will create serious dangers in the yard. Since they transfer many illnesses from bite victim to bite victim, they will endanger a lot more than your outdoor fun. 

Even though it can be hard to get rid of mosquitoes, there are certain things you can do to limit mosquito attraction to your property. Mosquitoes will search your property for any amount of standing water over a half-inch deep, as this is the location in which they like to breed the most. Standing water can pool up after a rainstorm in items like unevenly mowed grass, wheelbarrows, flowerpots, and birdbaths.

While dumping the water out after a rainstorm can help, the breeding cycle will not necessarily be broken if there are already larvae present. At this point, professional solutions may be required to get rid of mosquitoes from your property. That’s why partnering with an Advanced Pest Control mosquito expert is the best way to keep your family safe during outdoor time.

With professional-grade larvicide and effective misting sprays for high-traffic mosquito areas, we have everything we need to provide a mosquito-free yard in Glenwood. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our Advanced Pest Control mosquito experts.

A Guide To Effective Rodent Control For Glenwood Homeowners

If you notice rodent problems around your Glenwood home, you’re not alone. Rodents are some of the most invasive pests in the Glenwood area, and they all have a few features in common that help them invade homes easily. Rodents feature sharp teeth and flexible bodies, so they can infiltrate nearly any portion of your home, especially the attic. Plus, it once they’re in, they will chew on your stored items and spread dangerous bacteria around your home.

Rodent control is essential to the safety of your home and family, but these pests are difficult to keep out. That’s why it’s important to limit rodent attraction to your property with the following techniques:

  • Trim back tree branches to eliminate the possibility of roof entry.
  • Clean up the low traffic areas of the home.
  • De-clutter the yard and low-traffic areas.
  • Store food and trash properly both inside and outside.
  • Get professional help at the first sign of trouble.

Since rodents reproduce very rapidly within your walls, you won’t be able to keep up with an infestation if you rely on store-bought traps and poisons. That’s why partnering with an Advanced Pest Control rodent expert is the best way to keep your home and family safe. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on expert rodent control.

Guide To Preventing House Spiders In Glenwood, AR

Most spiders are harmless to humans and actually can be beneficial thanks to preying on other pests. However, that doesn’t mean they belong inside your Glenwood home. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to preventing house spiders below:
  • General pest control (If the spiders can’t find their prey, they won’t stay)
  • Minimize moisture in and around the property
  • Keep food and trash stored properly
  • Keep the lawn cared for and maintained
While these practices help prevent house spiders, they’re not foolproof. For the utmost protection against all spider species, the best thing to do is invest in professional spider control. Our team is ready and able to get you back to spider-free. Contact us today to get started!

Five Quick Tips To Keep Dangerous Cockroaches Out Of Your Glenwood Home

Cockroaches are nasty, disgusting pests that don’t belong anywhere near your Glenwood home. Even worse, they’re actually a danger to you and your loved ones thanks to the diseases they transmit and how easily they contaminate your food. Follow these five quick tips to keep cockroaches out of your home:
  1. Seal all potential entry points with silicone caulk.
  2. Keep food stored in sealed containers.
  3. Empty the trash and maintain proper disposal.
  4. De-clutter the house to minimize hiding and shelter spots.
  5. Limit the number of locations you eat within your home.
Following these tips is a great start, but the best way to keep the roaches away is to look into professional cockroach control services. Our team at Advanced Pest Control is prepared to get you back to cockroach-free, so call us today to get started!

What Smells Will Keep Glenwood Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bugs are a pain to deal with, thanks to their ability to hide during the day and the bites they leave behind at night. While bed bug control is hard to do without professional assistance, there are ways to prevent them from wanting to stay.

One relatively new trick that shows promise in keeping these pests away is to fill your home with certain smells or scents. Our top picks for smells to try are:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Blood Orange Oil
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Powdered Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender Oil
  • Neem Oil

Despite the potential success in using these smells, nothing beats the effectiveness of professional bed bug control services. If you want guaranteed bed bug removal, contact the Advanced Pest Control team today to discuss your needs and get started!

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Glenwood Property

A termite infestation is a big deal for property owners since they often lead to extensive and costly property damage if not handled correctly in a short amount of time.

To help you know what to do, we’re going to cover some things you should not do when facing an infestation:

  • Don’t ignore the problem and hope it goes away.
  • Don’t attempt do-it-yourself (DIY) termite control.
  • Don’t go without a professional and thorough termite inspection.
  • Don’t disturb the termites if discovered.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to work with professionals trained in termite control services. Our team at Advanced Pest Control has the training, expertise, and equipment needed to safely and effectively eliminate termites from the premises. Contact us today to explore your termite control options and become termite-free!