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Saline County, Arkansas, is one of the oldest communities in the state. Established in 1837, the cities around Little Rock began to swell to accommodate Saline’s growing population, including the city of Benton. Benton is perhaps one of the quietest bedroom communities in the county and currently has 30,000 residents. Although Benton is not as deeply southern as other parts of the state, the city is known for its hot, humid, and long summer seasons. 

Benton’s warm and humid weather allows residents to enjoy the outdoors for much longer than in other parts of the country. However, it also puts them at risk for acquiring serious pest infestations during the year. Creatures like termites, spiders, and occasional invaders make it difficult to live comfortably in Benton and challenge the way home, and business owners protect their properties.

For pest concerns at all stages of infestation, Benton locals trust the team at Advanced Pest Control to stop vermin in their tracks. Schedule a home inspection for your property, or consult with a team member about a plan that’s right for you.

Home Pest Control In Benton, AR

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Pests common to residential Benton properties range from nuisance creatures to dangerous animals. Earwigs, spiders, and flies are distracting and annoying insects that keep homeowners from enjoying their time at home. More threatening species such as termites, rodents, and wildlife species increase risk of attacks, injuries, or disease transmission.

The team at Advanced Pest Control provides unique residential pest control plans designed to manage and exterminate any infestation on your Benton area property. Investing with our company provides a layer of protection against the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed bugs

Sign up for a residential plan today and request a free estimate online.

Commercial Pest Control In Benton, AR

Every Benton business is different and faces unique types of pest concerns during every season. Advanced Pest Control offers curated commercial pest control plans to all Benton business owners to combat the effects of weather on surrounding pests and local industries.

We make it easy to access fast and affordable commercial pest services in Benton with a single phone call and address your property in three simple steps:

  • Inspection of the inside and outside of the building.
  • Recommendations for action and application of treatment products.
  • Follow-up services to remove any additional pests.

All commercial pest control plans in Benton come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If Advanced Pest Control fails to address your problem the first time, we will return to treat your business for free.

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How Much Damage Can Termites In Benton, AR Cause?

Most people in Benton are familiar with the dangers posed by termite activity. However, they may not necessarily understand just how serious a mature infestation can be.

Termites in Benton, AR, are attracted to the damp wood and waterlogged mulching found around homes and businesses. Due to our warmer climate and mild winter season, these pests continue to thrive all year long. Once they gain access to your home, termites can begin consuming wood 24 hours a day. Their unique physiology does not require rest or sleep, which allows them to work without pause. With a mature colony size of more than 60,000 workers, termites make short work of the buildings they infest.

To protect your Benton area property from termites of any species, apply for the termite services of Advanced Pest Control. 30+ years of industry experience gives us the edge we need to eliminate termites for good. Call now for a free quote.

How Do I Know If I Have Termites In My Benton House?

If you have termites in your Benton home, it’s important to recognize the signs early. Termites will chew the wooden portions of your home’s foundation day in and day out, avoiding detection for months or even years. Unfortunately, during this time, they can do damage that totals an average of $3,000 or more in just 18 to 24 months. That’s why recognizing the signs of a termite infestation early on can help you prevent this kind of damage.

These signs include:

  • Mud tubes along foundation walls
  • Visible damage to exposed wood
  • Shed wings of termite swarmers
  • Tightening around doors and windows

If you do recognize the signs, then it’s important to get professional help immediately. The typical sprays that you can buy in the store will only eliminate termites on contact, allowing the rest of the infestation to linger and to continue damaging your property.

If you do not recognize any of these signs around your property, that doesn’t necessarily mean that termites aren’t there. The signs can be very difficult to detect, which is why we encourage Benton area homeowners to utilize a professional termite inspection at least once per year. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection that could save you thousands of dollars.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Benton, AR Dangerous?

Not all spider species in Benton can be considered dangerous. In fact, many of the arachnids here in Arkansas are harmless nuisance pests and do not have the capacity to injure people, pets, or their properties. However, the brown recluse spider is anything but harmless and considered one of two deadly varieties found in the United States. 

Keep an eye out for a spider that appears velvety brown, is between one-quarter and three-quarters of an inch long, and has a light-colored ‘fiddle’ marking on its abdomen. These spiders can inject necrotic venom into those they bite, delivering a painful sting that morphs into tissue damage. If you think that you have received a bite from a dangerous spider species, please seek medical attention right away. 

Although brown recluse spiders rarely act aggressively towards humans, it would be wise to protect your home or business with superior spider control services. The knowledgeable crew at Advanced Pest Control uses a variety of products, mitigation, and prevention steps to prevent brown recluse spiders from entering your property. Get a thorough spider inspection by reaching out to one of our professionals today.

The Dangers Rodents Bring To Benton Properties

Rodents are one of the most hazardous pests homeowners can have. Their unsanitary lifestyles create the perfect breeding grounds for disease, allergens, parasites, and other problems to fester.

Diseases rodents carry include hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, Salmonella, and more. Likewise, they can carry fleas and ticks inside on their backs, which are host to parasites and diseases of their own. There’s also the threat they create to your home. Their constant gnawing can lead to fire hazards if they find electrical wiring, while the holes they leave in walls and floors can allow more pests inside.

Simply put, the risk rodents bring to your home is great. Don’t leave yourself at risk: whether you’ve got an infestation underway already or need to protect yourself for the future, Advanced Pest Control is your one-stop shop for rodent removal and elimination services. Contact us today for more details.

Five Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home In Benton

Unfortunately for Benton homeowners, your home is at risk for ant infestation for much of the year. While they are most commonly seen in the summer and warmer months of the year, if they get established within your home, you could start seeing them at any time.

Here are some tips you should use to minimize your risk for ant infestation:

  1. Clean up any spilled food or drinks immediately
  2. Ensure all food in the home is securely stored in sealed containers, including pet food
  3. Wipe down kitchen counters, vacuum carpets and floors often
  4. Repair or remove any moisture issues in your home
  5. Call a professional pest control provider for ongoing pest management services

Ultimately, whether you need to eliminate an existing infestation or prevent one from ever occurring in the first place, professional pest management is always the best solution against ants. Contact us today for more details about our ant treatment services.

Three Ways To Protect Your Benton Yard Against Dangerous Mosquitoes

If you have mosquitoes in your Benton yard, they can be very frustrating during your outdoor events, especially at dawn or dusk when they are most active. Mosquitoes are actually the most dangerous animals on the planet, transferring diseases at a rate of one in every 300 bites. These mosquito-borne illnesses include the West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and more. Malaria isn’t a big problem in the United States anymore, but these other diseases are still very dangerous.

Since mosquitoes can be impossible to keep off of your property, the best way to prevent a dangerous infestation is to practice the following three methods:

  1. Limit areas of standing water in the yard, as mosquitoes can breed in these areas in anything above a half-inch deep.
  2. Trim back shrubbery and hedges, as overgrown foliage provides ideal cover for mosquitoes.
  3. Partner with an Advanced Pest Control professional to protect your family in ways that you can trust.

Even if you pour the water out of items that gather water in your yard after a rainstorm, there still could be plenty of mosquito larvae in there to form a breeding cycle. The best way to break that breeding cycle is through professional-grade larvicide placed strategically throughout the yard. We also supply high-quality misting sprays that are tough on mosquitoes and easy on everything else. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on our mosquito control packages.

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