Hot Springs’ Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

About Subterranean Termite Colonies

One of the main types of termites found around Hot Springs, subterranean termites, earn their name from their habit of building underground colonies. This pest prefers to live underground in moist areas where their colony spreads far out in your yard, entirely out of sight. Mud tubes protect the subterranean termites from exposure as they cross from their underground colonies into the foundation of your home and then further into the wooden structures.

It is important to note that having damp or damaged wood on your home’s foundation dramatically increases your risk of termites starting to move from outside of your property to the inside.

How Termites Silently Destroy Property

Termites are often undetected as they get inside your home, thanks to their small size and ability to infiltrate into wooden structures without being noticed. However, once this insect starts creating tunnels on your property, the damages can quickly add up as the infestation grows larger and larger. Termites will constantly chew and hollow out the wood in your home to create tunnels; this leads to several adverse effects such as sinking floors, tight-fitting windows and doors, dipping ceilings, peeling paint, and risk of structural collapse.

Because termites are so silent when they infiltrate, most homeowners don’t notice a problem until significant signs of damage show up. This is why proactive subterranean termite treatments and the help of the best termite control company in Hot Springs – Advanced Pest Control – are essential.

Five Natural And Effective Termite Prevention Tips

Prevention is the best natural way to get rid of termites and effectively deter future infestations of this pest. Follow these steps to keep termites away from your home:

  1. Seal up cracks around your home’s foundation, windows, doors, and utility areas. Ensure to repair wood in your foundation that is damp or otherwise damaged.
  2. Ensure your yard has proper drainage and fix up any leaks. Keep the gutter clear and put adequate ventilation around your home to stop moist areas inside and out from attracting termites.
  3. Keep your yard clear of debris such as woodpiles, leaf litter, and fallen branches. Also, ensure the grass stays trimmed low to make the areas less hospitable to termites and store firewood far away from your home.
  4. Reduce soil to wood contact around your home’s foundation by placing a barrier between yard soil and the wood. This makes it harder for termites to invade.
  5. Stain any fences around your property or unfinished wood on your home to make it easier for termites to find their way inside.

The Most Effective Termite Control In Hot Springs

If you want the details on how to get rid of termites effectively and permanently, you should contact Advanced Pest Control at the first sign of these pests. Only our professionals at Advanced Pest Control can help you with tailored subterranean termite treatments that work quickly to eradicate all traces of this insect in your home.

So, skip the DIY methods and home remedies for termites and reach out to the best termite control company – Advanced Pest Control – today.

Prepping Your Home For Termite Season In Hot Springs

What Are The Types Of Termites In Hot Springs?

In Hot Springs, there are three types of subterranean termite species that commonly infest homes:

  • Eastern subterranean
  • Dark southeastern subterranean
  • Light southeastern subterranean

Eastern subterranean termites are the most common termites in Arkansas, and they swarm or reproduce from March to May. Dark southeastern subterranean termites swarm from March through June, and light southeastern subterranean termites swarm from August through October.

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home?

Unfortunately, termite damage can go on for quite some time if you aren’t aware of the signs to look for. If left undisturbed, it can take up to three years for termite damage to become noticeable. Within eight years, all the wooden structures in your home, including structural components, furniture, and personal possessions, can be destroyed.

However, this all depends on the size of the infestation. If you have a termite population that’s large enough, meaning it consists of one to two million termites, they can destroy your home in just one to two years. Even worse, because most homeowners’ insurance policies see the damage caused by pests as preventable, damage incurred is not usually covered, resulting in thousands in out-of-pocket costs to cover repairs.

When Is Termite Season In Hot Springs?

As mentioned, there are certain months where termites swarm or when the infestation may be the most noticeable. When termites swarm, they try to escape through cracks in your home’s foundation to reach open air for the first time. Termites are also attracted to light, so it’s expected at this point to find them around light sources, such as windows or light fixtures. Termite swarms don’t last all day, but typically between 30 to 40 minutes—but don’t be fooled: just because the swarming stops, it doesn’t mean the termites are gone for good.

How To Prep Your Home For Termite Season

For good, the most effective measure of preventative action is to keep termites out with year-round pest control solutions. The professionals at Advanced Pest Control, a family-owned and operated business, have been serving the residents of Hot Springs for 17 years and know how to identify these pests—and get them out of your home fast—while also safeguarding against future infestations. At the first sign of termites, give Advanced Pest Control a call at 501-293-0867.

Along with residential pest control, homeowners can take a few other steps to prep their homes to keep out termites.

  1. Keep your yard clean of debris, such as fallen leaves and branches, as well as piles of firewood, which attract termites—and give them an abundant source of food.
  2. Avoid using organic mulch, which is made from chopped wood, leaves, and grass clippings.
  3. Minimize moisture in and around the home’s foundation, such as standing water and clogged drainage, as termites need a high moisture level to survive.

How To Protect Your Hot Springs Property From Termites

How To Tell If You Have A Termite Problem In Hot Springs

Termite activity often goes unnoticed for long periods. Thanks to their small size and extremely quiet behavior, these insects do not usually create much of a stir. If you think that termites could be inside your home, consider the following signs:

  • Fine sawdust (often called frass) found around the baseboards or walls of your home
  • Hollow mud tunnels branching up the sides and walls of the property.
  • Hearing soft clicking sounds or tapping noises inside the walls
  • Discovering termite alates (sexually mature adults) swarming inside windows and doors

If you do notice any of the above signs around your Hot Springs home or business, it may be time to consider taking some initial action. Some residents choose to use DIY efforts or prevention controls as the first line of defense, although this is hardly the best method of exterminating termites from the premises. In fact, trying to eliminate termite infestations on your own isn’t a good idea and may lead to additional problems down the road. Some common ways people attempt to do this include:

  • Vinegar sprays (which only cause a minor annoyance to the pests)
  • Prevention steps (which only work before a termite infestation has established itself)
  • Over-the-counter products (which are toxic and dangerous to homeowners)

Instead of relying on inaccurate treatments and dangerous topical products, choose to trust the remedial efforts of Advanced Pest Control.

Why Advanced Pest Control Makes Termite Control Easy

Since 2005, Advanced Pest Control believes that professional assistance, quality products, and customer-centric solutions lead to a termite-free life in Hot Springs. Our effective termite services in Hot Springs are based around a permanent pest removal plan, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all clients. Our team can jump into action after our initial inspection of the property to provide pre-treatment services, clearance letters, and ongoing termite protection plans.

For more information about our products or to begin treatments right away, contact Advanced Pest Control at the first sign of a termite problem. Need an inspection first? Submit an online contact form to schedule a termite inspection at your earliest convenience; we’re looking forward to serving you well.

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