Fire Ants In Hot Springs Can Be Hard To Deal With

What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

Fire ant treatment in Hot Springs starts with identification. Like other insects, fire ants have six legs and hard exoskeletons. They resemble other ant species from afar, but display unique characteristics, such as their black and red coloring.

Workers stand out with their armored midsections, round heads that are usually brown, and abdominal stingers that transfer alkaloid venom to victims. When a fire ant bites, it immediately follows it with a sting, leaving a burning sensation and red welt. Ordinarily, rising fire ant populations push winged ants out of their mounds for reproduction; afterward, males die while females lose their wings.

Fire ants fall under two categories:

Native Ants

  • Workers have uniform sizes
  • Red to black bodies
  • Mounds approximately two feet high

Imported Fire Ants

  • Brown to black bodies
  • Workers come in different sizes
  • Black and red compound eyes
  • Higher mounds, approximately three feet tall
  • Large colonies ranging between 100,000 and 300,000 members

If you suspect that your property has fire ants, contact a local pest control company for effective ant control solutions.

How To Kill Fire Ants Inside

You don’t want fire ants in your space for several reasons. For starters, multiple ants can sting you at once, causing severe reactions even if your immunity is strong. They also invade electrical equipment such as switch boxes, phone wires, circuit breakers, and air conditioners, resulting in malfunctions and electrocution.

You can prevent an ant infestation by:

  • Upholding cleanliness: Washing your surfaces and garbage cans prevents ants from entering your home looking for leftovers.
  • Proper food storage: Seal animal and human food containers and wash dirty dishes after use, because fire ants are always looking for food for their colony.
  • Sealing holes: Watch out for any broken siding, foundational cracks, and utility spaces that can welcome the pests into your home. Door sweeps also come in handy to keep pests at bay.

You should also hire an exterminator if ants have already invaded your home. Thanks to their wealth of experience, Hot Springs pest control services can flush the pests out of any corner and eject them for good. Furthermore, professional extermination methods don’t endanger household members or the environment. Professionals also find other pests you hadn’t previously identified and prevent a possible infestation.

How To Kill Fire Ants Outside Your Home

Fire ants attack your vegetable gardens and flower beds searching for food, water, and warmth. Here’s how to keep them out of your yard:

  • Clear dead branches and leaves from your lawn.
  • Don’t overwater the yard or use too much fertilizer
  • Cover garbage containers and compost bins, and relocate them from the lawn.
  • Store woodpiles away from your house.
  • Trim shrubs that touch your home to reduce ant access.

These simple prevention measures can help protect your property from fire ants. If an infestation occurs, be sure to seek professional assistance.

Sustainable Fire Ant Control For Hot Springs Residents

Effective fire ant control for your Hot Springs home starts with hiring a professional. Get in touch with Advanced Pest Control today for quality fire ant treatment in Hot Springs. We can safely and effectively eliminate the fire ants on your property – contact us today for your free estimate.

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Hot Springs Property

Types Of Ants Found In Hot Springs, Arkansas

Here are the ants common to the Arkansas area:

  • Argentine Ants – This invasive species comes from South American countries but has now found shelter in many parts of the world. These ants are brown in color. Anyone who squishes one of these bugs can notice a musty odor.
  • Carpenter Ants – Found in combinations and solid colors of red, brown, and black, this pest packs a painful punch. They can use their mighty chompers to bite and can also inject formic acid into victims. Properties can also be damaged by their unique ability to burrow through wood.
  • Fire Ants – This invasive species is one to watch out for in Arkansas. These reddish-brown ants sting anyone who disturbs their nests, and these painful stings can leave welts.
  • Little Black Ants  These ants may be the epitome of ruining that fun summer picnic. Picture a trail of them invading a freshly laid out red and white checkered cloth. These guys are dark in color and can be found in large numbers.
  • Odorous House Ants  Brown or black in color, these pests are attracted to water sources and sweet substances like fruit and honey. When crushed, these ants emit a foul odor.

DIY Methods To Eliminate Ant Infestations

Check out a home improvement store, and there could be dozens of options for how to get rid of ants on your Hot Springs property, but virtually none of them can lead to safe, effective removal of the entire colony that lasts. When homeowners try to tackle such a massive project, they don’t have access to tools and resources that work, they may not have all the facts needed to determine the best course of action, they could waste money on useless potions, they are treating only visible ants, and can unknowingly put themselves in harm’s way.

Keeping Ants Away From Your Hot Springs Property

With most pests, the best offense is a good defense. Here are some tried and true tips that will help keep ants out of your Hot Springs home:

  • Seal It Up: Close any gaps where these tiny pests can get in; caulk can be a homeowner’s best friend.
  • Divert Water: Ants need a water source. If there are no drips or leaks from your home, they will likely find this space inhospitable.
  • Pick Up, Clean Up: Don’t attract these nasty pests with even one morsel. Keep food sealed well. Vigilantly sweep, mop, and vacuum after wiping down counters and emptying the sink.
  • Maintain The Lawn: Eliminate any yard debris, maintain shrubs, use a cedar mulch if possible, and keep the lawn trimmed.

Advanced Pest Control Is The Permanent Solution To Your Ant Problem

Advanced Pest Control is a team that takes care of unwanted ants and pests on your Hot Springs property. Our qualified professionals have the experience and knowledge to diagnose any ant problems through comprehensive inspections. Then, they implement targeted strategies to keep ants away. With follow-up visits, the ants are sent packing for good. Contact Advanced Pest Control today to learn how we can help with our home pest control and commercial pest management solutions!