Pest Control Technician

Pest Control Technician

Do you feel like your work isn’t purposeful or fulfilling? What if you worked somewhere where you are doing something that matters? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place you could work every day, and feel like you were really making an impact? If you’re looking for a career change where your work can be outdoors and involve interacting with nature, animals, and people who need help–we have the perfect opportunity! If you don’t want to be stuck in an office and can work well on your own at your own pace, this is the job for you.

We are currently hiring Service Technicians to join our team. No experience is required, as we’ll provide you with on-the-job training. Pay is competitive and there would be an opportunity to advance with the company for those that prove themselves.


Here’s what winning looks like in this position:

  • Finding problems and solutions to customer’s pest control problems
  • Clearly communicate with office staff and customers about service and expectations
  • Being a great manager of your time

Skills sets required for this position:

  • Love people- You genuinely enjoy communicating with them. You don’t have to be an extrovert necessarily, but you enjoy being around people, customer service, and helping others.
  • Love working outside- Sure, the elements can be nasty sometimes, but the thought of being in an office cooped up all the time sounds worse.
  • Absolute integrity- You’re given a lot of freedom at this job by being on your own route; we gotta trust you. If little white lies are acceptable, this isn’t the place for you. We don’t like babysitting.
  • Team player- We hate gossip. We like those who notice problems, find solutions, and work to fix them, not just complain about them.
  • Act